Our Services

Payroll and Administrative Support

Our payroll outsourcing service will assist you in meeting deadlines and avoiding violations of your company from Taiwan’s National Health Insurance﹝NHI﹞, Labor Insurance Act and Pension contributions﹝LIA﹞, as well as making sure that your company complies with Taiwan’s Labor Standard Act﹝LSA﹞in particular. As a result, you may place additional concentration on adding other values to your business.
Full-time accounting staffs do not seem to be an economically efficient method for small business. Therefore, we offer you an affordable approach in preparing your company financial statement timely and lawfully, in compliance with all regulation requirements from Taiwan government and tax authorities. You can prioritize on the growth of your business, and be stress free from all problems or non-compliance issues in Taiwan by our professional assistance.

Our payroll-related services include:

1. Calculation of monthly salary, or weekly and daily wages, and once-off payment.
2. Calculation of OT wages, bonus, double pay, allowances and setoff.
3. Annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave calculation for compliance with Taiwan LSA Ordinance.
4. Arrangement of salary or wages payment to staffs.
5. Calculation of employer’s contribution for NHI & LIA, and arrange such payment to NHI & LIA services provider.
6. Prepare salary slips and distribute to staff by emails.
7. Review employment contract / employment terms to ensure compliance with the Labor-related Ordinance and Minimum Wage regulations.
8. Calculation of severance payment or long services payment and inform NHI & LIA service provider of any staff dismissal.